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Gain information superiority with linked business foresights
Everything is connected
Relations in your information universe are todays' business differentiators
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Predictive Graph.
A blazing fast graph storage & analytics platform at petabyte scale
Advanced analytics & machine learning must not be an afterthought when we talk about connected data.
It is time to implement connected data as graphs on top of an analytics rather than a storage platform.
Predictive Graph. integrates three outstanding data technologies into a single platform and responds to todays' actual business needs:
Predictive Graph. = Analytics + Streaming + Traversal
Real-time analytics

Todays' graph databases have a strong focus on storage & traversal of data graphs. Most often, data analytics is left to other platforms.

Predictive Graph. is different and provides an analytics first approach:

We start from a real-time analytics platform and integrate with a graph engine.

The benefits of this holistic approach are obvious:

Deep link analysis, uncovering connections with fast traversal, answering unanticipated questions side-by-side with advanced analytics & machine learning.

Stream ingestion

Todays' business requirements have a strong focus on event-oriented real-time data processing:

Events originate from audience or customer interaction, devices that send telemetry events and more.

Whether one needs to take action with real-time advertisals, content recommendations or any other real-time response, the required approach is always the same:

Events have to be ingested into your data graph in real-time.

Predictive Graph. responds to this technical fact and integrates with a world-class streaming platform.

Large-scale traversal

The essence of using a data graph is the ability to understand which things are connected and how.

Making business decisions expects to search for customers interrelated to products and billing transactions, products linked with suppliers, logistics information and even social sentiment data.

There are endless use cases, but the technical requirement is always the same:

Querying graphs containing hundreds of billions of distributed vertices and edges, initiated by thousands of concurrent users in real time.

Predictive Graph. responds to this requirement and integrates with an outstanding graph engine to support large-scale graph traversals.

Predictive Works. integration
Predictive Works. is a next-generation predictive analytics platform, made to support business decisions with AI-powered prediction templates.
Its disrupting technology replaces todays' costly and expert-centric approach to gain business foresights by predefined templates.
Predictive Works. mission is to empower small & midsize business to enter the AI premier league as equal-rights players.
Predictive Graph. is a member of Predictive Works. eco system and integrates either as a data source or destination of a predictive workflow.
Understand causes and effects
Predictive Graph. is disrupting many areas and redefines the concept of competitiveness
Cross-area connections

Suppose your security analysts leverage Predictive Works. prediction templates to identify malicious network behavior that indicates a cyber attack.

And, your maintenance team uses prediction templates to answer the question whether your production line will probably be down within the next 24 hours.

But, imagine if you could understand that the detected cyber attack is directly related to the predicted production downtime.

Predictive Graph. empowers you to connect information independently collected by different business areas and gain a hollistic view of your business in real-time.

This is what we mean by information superiority. Do you agree?

Cross-sight connections

Your information universe is spanned by three temporal dimensions:

Hindsights. Historical information that describes what happened in the past and often contains causes for effects experienced in the present and future.

Insights. Present information that describes what happens and causes future effects.

Foresights. Future information that describes what probably will happen and what has to be done to make desired effects happen.

Predictive Graph. unifies these dimensions into a single 360° view, connects causes and their resulting effects and empowers you to turn information into business knowledge.

Limited by imagination

You are not interested in cyber defense? Predictive maintenance is not on the roadmap?

Suppose you are a media company and your core business is publishing valuable content.

We are convinced that there is a strong need to leverage social listening templates and identify breaking stories before they go viral.

Or respond to changing audience interests and deliver matching content and advertisals in real-time. You are no media company?

Use cases for cross-area and cross-sights connections based on Predictive Graph. and Predictive Works. are limited by imagination only.

Do not hesitate to contact us and talk about your specific use case.

Dive into technology
Predictive Graph. integrates todays' big data giants into a single platform
Fast streaming

Apache Kafka is a distributed real-time streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day.

Predictive Graph. integrates with Kafka event streams to either ingest any kind of events into your data graph or send graph-based event streams to other Apache Kafka consumers.

Traversal at scale

JanusGraph is a scalable graph engine optimized for managing and querying distributed data networks containing hundreds of billions of nodes and edges.

It supports thousands of concurrent users executing complex graph traversals in real time.

Predictive Graph. integrates with JanusGraph engine to support complex graph traversals in real-time with Gremlin query language.

Real-time analytics

Apache Ignite is a distributed in-memory storing and computing platform for transactional, analytical, and streaming workloads delivering memory speeds at petabyte scale.

Predictive Graph. integrates with Apache Ignite and complements real-time graph traversals with advanced real-time analytics and machine learning.

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