Predictive Graph.

Linked Data for Predictive Works

Predictive Works meets Linked Data

Transform Insights into Knowledge

Constantly new data and analytical procedures appear on the horizon and add more and more promising insights. All these valuable facts about your business environment and infrastructure are highly relevant.

Predictive Works' AI blueprint technology is an agile code-free solution that connects your business expertise with artificial intelligence to solve your business problems.

Predictive Works' comes with 3 parts:

A market place helps you to determine those blueprints that solve your problem best.

An orchestrator supports you to adapt your blueprints to your specific needs.

A big data fabric executes your blueprints at scale and generates insights that help you to take action to solve your problem.


Search market place and find matching problem description


Select recommended blueprints and load into orchestrator


Orchestrate blueprints to match project needs


Upload blueprints to data fabric and fine-tune before execution


Execute blueprints and generate actionable insights

Predictive Graph is a distributed in-memory graph database, based on Apache Ignite and reveals relationships between your insights. It integrates seemlessly with our AI blueprint technology and turns your insights into knowledge.

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