Predictive Graph.
A blazing fast graph analytics platform at petabyte scale
Our Team

Dr. Krusche & Partner was founded in 2005 by big data and analytics enthusiasts. Our team personifies passion, creativity and innovation in all dimensions of data technology.

We learned from many customer projects that business requirements for innovative data technology often fall short. We respond to this and always add extra attributes: actionable, reusable and agile. This results in plenty of innovative data solutions that delight our customers and make us pleased.

Predictive Works.

In 2015 we started Predictive Works. to help our customers to get immediate access to actionable and reusable big data technology and advanced analytics.

Enterprises demand deep insights about their stakeholders and answers to their predictive questions, but most often undergo a lack of skills. It is time to leave traditional and retracted ways of thinking.

In 2018 we refactored Predictive Works. and built the world's first code-free and completely template-based predictive analytics platform. Business foresights now become available for everyone.

Next generation Predictive Works. is based on two deep beliefs:


Artificial intelligence is not made for scientists, it must serve mankind. Prediction templates close the gap between business users and ambitious algorithms.


People's innovative power is the new resource in the digital era, not data. It is spread all over the world and is just waiting to be brought to data production lines.

Predictive Graph.

Todays' graph databases have a strong focus on large-scale storage and fast traversal. No doubt, these are important features when it comes to processing connected data.

This is all great, but to treat advanced analytics just as an afterthought, no longer is a business option.

Predictive Graph. shifts the focus from storage & traversal to analytics and and complements Apache Ignite, an awesome distributed in-memory storage and analytics platform, with a large-scale data graph layer.

The result is a large-scale graph storage, traversal and analytics platform that delivers results in-real-time.

In 2019 Predictive Graph. joined our predictive analytics eco system.

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